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Solid Waste management Department

Westpark customer Recycling Center

5900 Westpark, Houston, TX 77057

Located at Hwy. 59S in between Chimney rock & spring View

This facility accepts recyclables in ~ no fee to City of Houston residents.

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5900 Westpark, Houston, TX 77057 get Directions

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basic Hours:

Monday - Saturday 8 am to 5 pm

To ensure the safety and security of our employee & the public visiting City facilities, we are taking the following COVID-19 precautions: all people must undertake a mask or facial covering upon entry to City and also have a temperature check prior to entry as soon as visiting City facilities.

monitor these basic NO-CONTACT drop-off procedures when visiting Westpark Recycling Center.

1. prior to making the trip, pre-sort her recyclables into record & cardboard; plastic containers; aluminum & steel cans; glass containers. 2. package recyclables in a one-way container such as a cardboard box, paper bag or plastic bag that does not need to be returned to your vehicle. And place all items to be dropped turn off in the tribe of your automobile rather 보다 the passenger compartment of her vehicle. Ensure it is clean what items room meant to it is in dropped off by limiting the other items in her trunk. 3. save windows rolling up and have ID all set to display if dropping off electronics or BOPA items. 4. open up your trunk. SWM employee will remove the pre-sorted container and also close her trunk. 5. Safely departure the facility and also have a great day. We give thanks to you for recycling! We appreciate your participation as we work-related together come protect and keep Houston safe.

View map v featuring depository/recycling centers city wide.

The Westpark customer Recycling facility at 5900 Westpark is a drive-through facility wherein citizens the Houston can drop off their recyclables. Currently, an ext than 11,000 citizens every month lug their recyclables come the center.


These room the ONLY welcomed items in ~ this location. No other product will be taken. For info on whereby to recycle and/or dispose of non-accepted items please view www.houstonsolidwaste.org.

Paper – newspaper, office paper, junk mail, envelopes, magazines, postcards. Cardboard – please ensure boxes room clean of any kind of food; and also empty of every packing materials ie Styrofoam, plastic wait bags, plastic wrap, Kraft paper. Cartons – both aseptic and gable optimal such as juice cartons, soup cartons, milk cartons Metal cans – metal cans, aluminum cans and also bottles, soup cans, veggie cans, fruit cans, pet food cans. Glass – bottles and jars, clear, green and also brown. Please ensure bottles and jars room empty, and lids have actually been removed. Plastic – #1-5 and #7, that space emptied and also rinsed. Examples incorporate soda bottles, milk jugs, laundry detergent bottles, yogurt cups, and also margarine tubs. Scrap Metal Electronics - computers, TVs, household electronic devices Tires – residents may carry up come 5 (five) tires there is no rims BOPA - batteries, Oil, Latex Paint and also Antifreeze Flexible Plastic - grocery bags and newspaper sleeves only

Junk Waste, Tree Waste, and Garbage is not welcomed at this facility. Please visit one of the SWMD community Depositories Recycling Centers to properly take care of these products or because that curbside service, describe your Garbage, Tree garbage or Junk Waste arsenal schedule. For info please see www.houstonsolidwaste.org or contact 3-1-1.


CD’s or CD cases Bubble pave (hard plastic packaging) Flower pots Household Hazardous waste (HHW) Chemicals Oil Based Paint Plastic Soda Rings/Wrappers Plastic coat Hangers Plastic furniture Pizza Boxes Junk waste Toys Trash/Garbage Tree Waste Videotapes

NO big plastic items such together toys, garden tools, or furniture.

Junk Waste,Tree Waste,and garbage is not welcomed at this facility. Please visit among the SWMD neighborhood Depositories Recycling Centers to properly take care of these materials or for curbside service, refer to your Garbage, Tree garbage or Junk Waste repertoire schedule.

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unloading PROCEDURES

Pre-sorting that materials and also bringing them in one method containers that carry out not need to be returned to your automobile will assist reduce her wait time. instances of one means containers: cardboard boxes, file grocery bags. Plastic trash bags have the right to be used but are less desired due come the propensity of some to mix garbage v the recyclables.

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Proper disposal of materials is crucial to a healthy, clean environment. Visit each attach for added information.

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