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Solid Waste administration Department

Environmental organization Centers (ESC)

ESC - southern 11500 S. Write-up Oak Rd., Houston, TX 77035 crucial Map # 571C

Facility Hours: Tuesdays and also Wednesdays 9 am to 3 pm

Second Saturday of every month 9 to be to 1pm

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ESC - north 5614 Neches St Houston, TX 77026 an essential Map # 454S

Facility Hours: second Thursday of each month 9 to be – 3 pm

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To certain the security of our employee & the general public visiting City facilities, we space taking the complying with COVID-19 precautions: all people must undertake a mask or facial spanning upon entry come City and have a temperature inspect prior to entry when visiting City facilities.

Follow these simple NO-CONTACT drop-off measures when visiting Environmental service Center. 1.

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before making the trip, package your items accordingly: keep items in their original containers, when possible; Place broken or leaking containers inside a 2nd container. (i.e. Glass because that corrosives, steel for flammables); prevent injuries & chemical reaction by not tossing items together in a bag; location items upright in a crate for transport; Fuel: transport in closed no returnable containers. 2. transfer all item in your trunk rather than the passenger compartment of her vehicle. Ensure the is clean what items space meant to be dropped turn off by limiting the various other items in her trunk. 3. store windows rolled up and have ID and utility bill ready to show. 4. open up your trunk. SWM employee will remove the pre-sorted container and close your trunk. 5. Safely departure the facility and have a great day. We evaluate your cooperation as we job-related together to protect and also keep Houston safe.

Note: Rules and guidelines use to both the North and South locations with the exemption of time of operation.

Accepted Items in ~ both ESC"s

mountain Aerosol cans Antifreeze battery (Lead acid & Rechargeable only, i.e.: car and also motorized vehicles & devices batteries; lithium - ion (Li-ION); nickel steel hydride (Ni-MH); nickel cadmium (Ni-CD). Batteries stated are accepted at both ESC locations and Westpark. Alkaline batteries and also batteries not provided will not be accepted.You might safely dispose that 9V and also 6V battery by taping your terminals, sealing lock in a plastic bag, and also then tossing lock in the trash. Brake Fluid auto Waxes computer Equipment and also Components food preparation Oil Degreasers drain Cleaners electric Appliances (small) digital Scrap fertilizer Fluorescent Bulbs fuel Helium Tanks (5 gallon maximum) Herbicides family members Chemicals Kerosene Lawn devices (all fluids removed) Mercury steel Polish Metal/Wire clothes Hangers Microwaves Monitors motor Oil paint (Latex & Oil Base) - 25 gallons best repaint Stains/Thinners pest Strips pool Chemicals strength Steering liquid Printers Propane Tanks (5 gallon maximum) Solvents Telephone tools Thermostats (Mercury Based Accepted) Tires (5 tires per residence, per month, no commercial car tires) Transmission liquid Turpentine TVs (do no breakdown/strip; watch weight limit & restrictions) Varnishes

Household hazardous waste or residential electronic scrap items need to not be placed on the curb or in her automated container for garbage repertoire or tree waste/junk rubbish pickup.

Residential digital scrap items welcomed for recycling include:

Monitors CPUs Televisions VCR/DVD/Blu-Ray players Stereo equipment

Items Not embraced at the ESC The ESC can accept most household hazardous wastes. However, there are some materials the ESC is no authorized to accept which contains the following:

Ammunition Businesses rubbish Dioxins Explosives Foam Rubber Sheets Freon include Appliances big Appliances medical Waste pack Peanuts PCBs Pharmaceuticals Propane and also Butane (gas) Cylinders radioactive Waste acting Detectors

Limits and Quantities

City the Houston residential customers only; no company waste Vouchers (must be purchased in breakthrough by participating communities; non-Houston residential client only) total weight of products not to exceed 100 lbs No separation, personal, instance item to exceed 50 lbs Individual family members quantities only No area broad or commercial amounts HHW Materials: ½ pickup van load, 1 trunk pack or approximately 100 pounds complete weight Paint: 25 gallons every visit Tires: 5 tires every residence, per month, no commercial automobile tires

Safety tips for taking care of & transferring Materials

save items in their initial containers, when possible Place broken or leaking containers within a second container. (i.e. Glass because that corrosives, steel for flammables). Stop injuries & chemical reaction by not tossing items with each other in a bag ar items upright in a crate for transport; Fuel: carry in closed non- returnable containers dry paint may be inserted in the trash. If a container has no label and also its contents are known, please place a brand on the container plainly stating the contents.

Safety First! The ESC is not responsible for damages caused by faulty packaging.

For your safety and also to make the collection of materials less costly and much more efficient, if you have a product the is quiet usable, consider giving the to who who can use it.

Do not deliver chemicals in the passenger compartment of your vehicle; put them in the trunk. Prior to moving or transporting particular chemicals (especially those not typically used in the median household), the is advantageous to search digital for their chemical nature. Just shaking, agitating or exposing to warm could reason an explosion. Picric acid which is a danger explosive and also toxic chemical (especially attention in crystal form) can be uncovered in some homes and also garages. This form of advertisement grade chemical must only be taken on by very trained chemical waste companies. The ESC will certainly not expropriate chemicals of this nature. Psychic to be safe... Because that yourself and for her loved ones.

Reuse chemistry Take-Away - ESC southern Only

Every Friday native 9 to be – 12 pm, family chemicals and paint the were lugged to the ESC because that disposal, but show up to it is in in great condition room made accessible for citizen reuse. Citizens might take away these items in ~ no charge. A signed legal responsibility waiver will certainly be required prior to removing products from the site. There is a limit of 6 (6) chemistry items and a cart load of repaint per week.

This business is only obtainable at the ESC southern location.

ReStore (Craft Items, Books, article Consumer & industrial Scrap)

The ReStore, i m sorry acts as a publication swap, a recycling info library, and also a repository for craft items and post consumer and post commercial scrap (useful for arts projects), is now located at the ESC- South. Items deserve to be dropped turn off at Westpark and the ESCs during normal business times. Items deserve to be taken away from 9am – 12 noon every Friday throughout the Reuse chemical Take-Away.

This service only obtainable at the ESC southern location.

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Frequently asked Questions

Q: carry out I need to carry identification? A: Yes, a recent water bill need to be shown as evidence of residency.

Q: does it price to drop off my family chemicals? A: No, it is a complimentary service for residents of the city of Houston. Q: do I have to unload my household hazardous waste in ~ the ESC? A: No, the ESC staff will unload them because that you. Friend never have to acquire out of her vehicle. Q: deserve to I lug chemical rubbish from my business? A: No, only family members chemicals space accepted. Q: will you do presentations to my school or my public association? A: Sure! because that an educational presentation and also a tourism of the ESC please speak to 832-393-7766. The ESC’s auditorium will certainly hold approximately 40 people.

Houston-Area Depository and Recycling Locations

Neighborhood Depository/Recycling Centers

Neighborhood Recycling Drop-off Locations

Environmental company Center (ESC) Locations

Disposal Links

Proper disposal of products is key to a healthy, clean environment. Visit each attach for extr information. Anti-Freeze || battery || Fluorescent lamp || Lawn/Garden chemistry || medical Waste Mercury || paint || Pharmaceuticals || offered Oil