Convert Chinese Yuan(CNY) come United states Dollar(USD) utilizing the currency converter v the latest foreign exchange rates.

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500 CNY


77.58795 USD

Bid Price: 77.54917

Ask Price: 77.62674

Convert United states Dollar come Chinese Yuan



The Chinese Yuan (meaning "round object" or "round coin" in Chinese) is the basic unit the a number of modern Chinese currencies. The Yuan is the main unit of account of the Renminbi. In countless parts the China, renminbi room counted in "kuai" rather than "Yuan". -- The U.S. Dollar is an official currency of unified American, and it is also the money most supplied in international transactions. There is several countries use U.S. Dollar together their main currency.
1 CNY =0.15518 USD6.4443 CNY =1 USD
2 CNY =0.31036 USD12.8886 CNY =1 USD
5 CNY =0.7759 USD32.2215 CNY =1 USD
10 CNY =1.5518 USD64.443 CNY =1 USD
20 CNY =3.1036 USD128.886 CNY =1 USD
25 CNY =3.8795 USD161.1075 CNY =1 USD
50 CNY =7.759 USD322.215 CNY =1 USD
100 CNY =15.518 USD644.43 CNY =1 USD
1000 CNY =155.18 USD6444.3 CNY =1 USD

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Currency Converter historic For Converter 500 Chinese Yuan(CNY) come United says Dollar(USD)

Currency500 CNY Value:
500 (CNY) to United says Dollar(USD)77.59
500 (CNY) to Euro(EUR)65.69
500 (CNY) to lb Sterling(GBP)56.08
500 (CNY) come Canadian Dollar(CAD)98.425
500 (CNY) to Swiss Franc(CHF)71.24
500 (CNY) to Japanese Yen(JPY)8525.365
500 (CNY) to Australian Dollar(AUD)105.345
500 (CNY) to Hong Kong Dollar(HKD)603.465
500 (CNY) to new Zealand Dollar(NZD)108.995
500 (CNY) to Indian rupee(INR)5704.74
500 (CNY) come Brazilian Real(BRL)407.03
500 (CNY) to southern African Rand(ZAR)1102.54
500 (CNY) to Russian Ruble(RUB)5675.955
500 (CNY) to Singapore Dollar(SGD)104.16
500 (CNY) come South korean Won(KRW)90807.38
500 (CNY) come Taiwanese Dollar(TWD)2146.43
500 (CNY) come Argentine Peso(ARS)7607.615
500 (CNY) come Chilean Peso(CLP)61174.99
500 (CNY) to Egyptian Pound(EGP)1219.27
500 (CNY) to mexican Peso(MXN)1543.185
500 (CNY) come Norwegian Krone(NOK)671.8
500 (CNY) come Romanian Leu(RON)324.06
500 (CNY) come Turkish Lira(TRY)657.13

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