For firearm fans, 45 Colt and 44 Mag are two famous handgun cartridges that they desire to have in your collections.And if girlfriend live in a nation with calm gun laws like America, you’d better get to understand these cartridges because that self-defense.You may wonder what is the difference between 45 Colt and 44 Mag. 

Then let\"s continue to review our evaluation and comparison between two cartridges: 45 Colt matches 44 Mag.

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The Differences between 44 Mag Vs 45 Colt

The design for Gunshots using 44 Mag and 45 Colt

Usually, the revolvers, which have actually a long cylinder design, use the 44 Mag.

If you love the old cowboy format in west movies, girlfriend can’t go wrong through a 44 Mag gun.Just prefer the 44 Mag, the 45 Colt bag well through a revolver. However, its dimension is a bit much more compact than 44 Mag, for this reason it calls for a revolver through a smaller cylinder.

The designs of 44 Mag and 45 Colt

Although its name is 44 Mag, the diameter of the bullets is not .44 inches.The real size the the shots is smaller sized than ns expected, i m sorry is around .429 customs in diameter. And the pickled in salt is about 1.285 inches in length.This special function sets this cartridge except the 45 Colt.The real diameter that the 45 Colt is .45 inches, together its name suggests. However, the instance of 45 Colt has actually the same length as 44 Mag, i beg your pardon is 1.285 inches.

The durability Difference

The to trust of Colt 45 and 44 Mag was tested by shooting 6000 bullets consistently in 2 days.When the gun barrel rotate red, lock immersed it in water come cool it down and then shot it again. Surprisingly, the gun making use of Colt 45 had actually gone smoothly, while the other had actually experienced some difficulties.We can see the the 45 Colt has more excellent durability and also accuracy 보다 the 44 Mag.

The Power and also Ballistic Differences

There is a trouble with the 45 Colt in the reloading system.It is one old model. The manufacturer make it throughout the time that Black-power, not favor the smokeless flour in modern days.There is a hard metal covering in the 45 Colt, therefore you should spend more pressure come reload the bullets.The 44 Mag was very first available around 80 years later on than that counterpart yet proved itself the winner in velocity.

There is a test to to compare the velocity of this two various bullets. And also the conclusion is the bullets from the 44 Mag weapon can come out through the rate of 1270 fps (feet every second), while that of the 45 Colt is only 957 fps.Otherwise, the 44 Mag can go farther than the 45 Colt as the an outcome of that lighter materials.

The individual Opinion

From my point of view, I favor the 44 Mag to the 45 Colt for its superior velocity.And one more reason is the 45 Colt was too old and less dangerous. Ns love using guns with a vintage style but still have a powerful shot with a quick cartridge favor the 44 Mag.

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In General

From all the information above, we hope the you can have good knowledge to distinguish these two exceptional cartridges - 44 Mag and 45 Colt.If you uncover this article helpful, please share it with your friend who have the very same hobby around firearms.
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