Available office space is located over Milwaukee’s transport hub, the Milwaukee Intermodal Station.

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Transportation services incorporate Amtrak, Greyhound and local/regional bus services.

Unique office opportunity for suppliers that advantage from quick access to regional travel options.

New HVAC system planned because that 2019.

On-site food and convenience store. WISDOT on third Floor.

Prominent building and also monument signage available.

All information based on the most recently obtainable data (updated annually) and is noted in 1-mile, 3-mile, and 5-mile radii (radiuses) the the residential or commercial property location.

1-Mile 3-Miles 5-Miles
Total Population22,178207,897464,552
Population mean Age313335
Population through Age0-9 Yrs812 (3%)27624 (13%)63518 (13%)
10-19 Yrs3830 (17%)29866 (14%)63919 (13%)
20-29 Yrs8756 (39%)49205 (23%)88068 (18%)
30-39 Yrs3498 (15%)32790 (15%)71519 (15%)
40-49 Yrs1682 (7%)21462 (10%)52251 (11%)
50-59 Yrs1671 (7%)20269 (9%)52464 (11%)
60-69 Yrs1154 (5%)15669 (7%)41353 (8%)
70+ Yrs775 (3%)11012 (5%)31459 (6%)
Median HH Income$53,504$35,543$43,766
Total household Income

Population readjust Last Two years - plus Projection

2000%2010%2020%2030WisconsinMilwaukee County

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