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King Taco Restaurants--- Inc.

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Cuisines:Mexican, Latin American

Price range :Below Average


Parking:Lot, Private

Takes Reservations:No

Bike Parking:Yes

Outdoor Seating:No

Wheelchair Accessible:Yes


Seems choose they messed increase on mine order purposely! order 5 tacos v everthg acquired 5 taco v nothing!

Salvador M.

i love mexico food and this to be not great mexican food....i thought their food to be going come be an excellent because it was so packed...turns out it wasnt..i obtained an stimulate of carne asda to be literally just meat, chips, and also nacho chesse...??...smh..not precious the money and also i will not it is in returning over there EVER..

If you favor burritos and also tacos, sopes. This is the place! they have actually bomb tacos and burritos, sopes. Their salsa is so delicious. They have a couple of locations and also usually have actually a many people but it\"s worth the wait. Yum....

As a loyal customer of King Taco that currently lives really much the end of the area-San Diego to it is in exact, i didn\"t suppose anything various other than great food and satisfactory service.....Instead I had actually outstanding service and an excellent food!!With the lines the end the door, and also people anxiously waiting for your food, it to be nice to it is in treated like you were the only customer in the bldg. Not sure if names must be mentioned yet \"\"Hairo\"\", a young man, who will hope go much in life, is one asset to this company


If you\"re craving some Mexican food in Ontario, then you\"ve involved the right place! King Taco is well-known for being an exceptional Mexican restaurant. They sell multiple various other cuisines including household Style, Latin American, and also Mexican.

Interested in just how much the may cost per person to eat in ~ King Taco? The price per item in ~ King Taco ranges from $4.00 come $12.00 per item.

In comparison to other Mexican restaurants, King Taco is inexpensive.

As an mexican restaurant, King Taco supplies many typical menu items you can uncover at other Mexican restaurants, and also some unique surprises. Right here in Ontario, King Taco uses Rotisserie Chicken - side Orders, Nachos, Burritos, Quesadillas, and also Tacos and more. As soon as it concerns some of the best menu items available, friend can pick from:

Beans eco-friendly Salsa Carne Asada Cabeza Suadero

If you would choose to investigate additional on pricing roughly all food selection items, has noted you through the complete Ontario King Taco menu.

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There are other nearby neighborhoods that King Taco in 91762 serves alongside Ontario, and also they encompass places favor Ontario Center, southeast Rancho Cucamonga, and Parkside. If you desire to see a complete list of every Mexican restaurants in Ontario, we have you covered!

Looking for other top mexico restaurants in Ontario? more popular places to try are tacos Los Carnales, or The classic Taco. If girlfriend don\"t mind travel a bit, we can likewise recommend more good places come eat mexico food in nearby cities. Just provide Taqueria La Mexicana in Bloomington, The Ranch Enchilada in Yorba Linda or neighborhood Burrito in Norco a try. Make sure to come ago and leave a evaluation at about what you liked and also any recommendations for other users in our community!

After your meal in ~ King Taco, don\"t forget the Ontario has a ton of remarkable restaurants come try. Come back to and also find lots of an excellent restaurants in Ontario, take the end restaurants in Ontario, or quick food restaurants in Ontario.

Don\"t forget come tell her friends how your endure went in ~ King Taco in Ontario by leave a review here at!

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