My 2005 Chevy Silverado with dual zone climate is occasionally blowing hot air on the driver"s side and cool on the passenger. It usually works fine for a few minutes before it begins blowing hot air. Once it starts blowing heat, it seems to continue until I park for a while. It doesn"t always have this problem.

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I"m guessing it"s a vacuum or electric problem. I assume that low refrigerant would cause both sides be hot.

Any ideas? I"ll probably be taking it to a dealership, but I"d like to know more about the problem before I do that.



This is a common issue. Sometimes the door actuator needs to be reset, as it gets confused. When I had this problem in my Avalanche, I found that turning the temperature all the way to the 90 degree max setting (when set to equal cooling for both sides), waiting a few seconds for the door to stop moving, and then turning the temp back down, would resolve the issue temporarily.

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When I took it to the dealer, they said they couldn"t find anything wrong with it. After getting tired of dealing with the issue, I tried searching profusely on-line, and eventually found this page which describes the issue, and a reset procedure to try, which involves removing the fuse. I found this to completely solve the problem for me.


On a dual AC 2010 Ford Edge with both thermostats set for AC, the passenger side blew hot air, the driver side cold. I thought at first it may be a faulty blend door actuator on the passenger side. I changed a very dirty cabin filter and started the engine.....immediate cold air blew on the passenger side! Not sure if a dirty cabin filter can confuse the actuator sensor but my system now works perfectly.


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