1907 Indian Head Penny

The 1907 Indian Head Penny is quite a popular coin and also one of the simplest for collectors to uncover.Especially if you"re into steel detecting.Over 108 million were minted in 1907 making them the many extensively obtainable Indian Head cents obtainable.Although this penny isn"t exceptionally rare, it"s still fairly valuable.A Good G-4 problem coin is worth around $2.11 and a Proof PR-63 will net you roughly $148.A record auction price of $63,000.00 was accomplished for a MS67+RD.

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Where is the mint mark on a 1907 Indian head penny?

The 1907 penny was produced in Philadelphia so you might have noticed that it has actually no mint note. Tright here were roughly 108,137,143 developed that year and also they have actually a melt value of $0.0188.This bronze composite cent was designed by the engraver James B Longacre and is made of 95% copper and also 5% Tin & Zinc.He was the chief engraver at the United States Mint from 1844 to 1869.His daughter actually modelled the ceremonial hedeal with which was included to the Liberty bust on the obverse of the coin.The 1907 Indian Head Cent weighs 3.11 grams and is 19 mm in diameter which is the exact same as the majority of US cents throughout the 1900"s.

On the obverse side it reads, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 1907 roughly the edge and in the middle tright here is a profile of Miss Liberty looking to the left and she"s wearing a native Amerideserve to headdress.Across the band of the headdress it reads, LIBERTY.On the reverse side is a wreath with a tiny shield at the top.This is the type 3 series design, which is equivalent to the type 2 series , and also the Indian Head penny has been choose this considering that 1860.

How Rare Is The 1907 Indian Head Penny?

What is your Indian head penny value? As the the majority of Indian Head pennies were minted in 1907, this United States cent isn"t incredibly rare at all.This indicates that just the uncirculated coins in mint condition are of any kind of actual value.Tright here were 1,475 proof coins produced in 1907 for collectors, so if you"re lucky sufficient to have actually a proof from this year in your collection, you may have the ability to get a good price for it at auction from one more collector.

What is a 1907 Indian head penny worth?

Now for the indevelopment that everyone that owns a 1907 one cent coin desires to understand. How valuable is it?The Indian Head pennies through the the majority of worth are the uncirculated ones in mint state condition. Tbelow are fairly a few pennies via re-punched date errors which are likewise well valued.

If you find a coin with any type of errors led to by the minting process, they are generally worth money to a private collector.

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MS67+RD 1907 Indian Head Penny

A penny with a condition of AU58 (About Uncirculate 58) is worth around $65.A MS63RB (Mint State 63 Red Brown) through a re-punched date has actually a worth of $40, while a slightly better graded re-punched day Indian head MS64BR has a worth of $380.Red coins have better values than brown ones. The even more red in color, the more it sells for.A PR66RB proof coin marketed at auction for roughly $4000, while a MS67RD marketed for $24000.The auction record price for a 1907 Indian Head Penny is set at $63000 and also this was bid for a MS67+RD (Mint State 67+ Red) in 2019. This is a great instance of a well kept coin in nearly perfect condition.Click here to find more handy USA cents you can have actually in your coin repertoire.

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