The details of the 180Cup, which has a little notch at the bottom which can be excellent for shots or making use of for condiments
The 180Cup is an alternative to the classic, Red Solo cup that everyone knows and loves

The 180Cup Before Shark Tank

Prior to 180Cup’s appearance on Shark Tank, the 180Cup was struggling to gain traction. The 180Cup aimed to serve as a replacement for the Red Solo Cup, and also the founder of it, Solomon Fallas, resorted to unconventional techniques to gain his product into stores. However, his techniques did prove efficient, and by himself, Solomon Fallas was able to launch the 180Cup.

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The 180Cup on Shark Tank

The original Red Solo cup is a classical party favorite, and this guy is here on Shark Tank to attempt to bring a 2first century spin onto it. Solomon Fallas is seeking a $300,000 investment in exreadjust for a 15% stake in his firm.

The Red Solo cup is used over 2 billion times yearly in the United States alone. However, the 180Cup serves additionally as a swarm glass once flipped upside dvery own, as it has a little indent that matches the FDA’s reference for a shot of alcohol. However before, the indent at the bottom of the cup have the right to also serve as a measuring cup, or as a container for condiments.

The Sharks instantly ask about the sales of the 180Cup. Solomon says that in just under 6 months, he has actually offered over 5 million 180Cups, which has actually generated $385,000 in sales. These were marketed to regional various Mom & Pop kind shops, generally which are around college campuses. Lori asks if he has attfinished trade shows to market his product and also gain the name out, and also Solomon replies that he took a distinctive technique to offering the product. Thturbulent Craigslist and also miscellaneous social media websites, he readily available collegiate students a chance to make some money with the students connecting 180Cup with regional various liquor shops. Depending on the size of the order, they would pay the collegiate students some percent of the order. In the initially month alone, 180Cup saw even more than 120 stores and received more than a 92% re-order rate. In simply 6 months, 180Cup has been accumulated from nothing.

180Cup comes in a 24 load, and price the exact same as a typical red Solo cup. Solomon came up via the concept as soon as he saw a college party through a fraternity, seeing how many kind of civilization were holding the red Solo cups. He said he was shocked at how many type of people were making use of them, but exactly how limited their attribute truly was.

Daymond instantly launches an market of $300,000 for 20% equity, and requirements an answer instantly. The other Sharks desire to know even more around the product before they deserve to even make an offer. Kevin states that Solomon does not recognize if tright here is a better market, and Solomon insists to talk through the other sharks before accepting a potential sell. Mark offers the analogy of picking up a 100 dollar bill off the ground automatically, or if he would certainly decide to look down the street to see if tright here is any kind of more money. Solomon denies the offer, and desires to recognize even more from the various other sharks. Daymond instantly withdraws.

The details of the 180Cup, which includes a tiny notch at the bottom which can be excellent for shots or making use of for condiments

John Paul DeJoria is a special guest Shark on this episode of Shark Tank, and he asks around the patent of the cup. Solomon says that there is a energy and also style patent, and the patent is not pending. Lori states that it is smart that the primary demographic is college students, but tbelow is a lot of energy to be uncovered in the cup that have the right to additionally enable it to be advertised for day-to-day life without usage of alcohol. The Sharks ask exactly how a lot money Solomon has actually invested, that replies that he has withattracted every one of his savings to invest a complete of $175,000 of his own money right into 180Cup. Mark wants to know even more about the collegiate network, and Solomon defines that they are at 120 stores at over 30 colleges, which covers 1% of the sector and hits around 600,000 students in college. Mark says that it’s smart that you can connect logos onto the cup, which Solomon brings out another product similar to the 180Cup.

The product Solomon brings out is actually a specific copy of the 180Cup, however are instead completely clear plastic. This permits for service providers or establishments to affix their logos in ordinary sight for great declaring usage, and also Daymond claims he had actually already believed of that 10 minutes back once he made the initial sell and also demanded Solomon take it or he would certainly rerelocate it from the table.

Lori says that she does not think a lot around the cleanliness of it – taking a shot from a cup, putting it dvery own on the table, picking it earlier up and also taking one more swarm after it was in call with the dirty table. Then Lori claims she is not into the business of proclaiming somepoint wright here human being might potentially be doing shots or drinking a lot of alcohol from, and states it isn’t up her street, and folds out of the deal.

Mark believes the declaring with the collegiate program is brilliant, however does not think that it appears choose a worthy endeavor of investing, and exits the deal too. John Paul thinks that Solomon is thinking exterior of package, but the venture does not strike him as a passionate job, and also stirs nopoint in him, so he is out.

Kevin next measures up, saying that he thinks the ketchup and mustard thing is a load of crap, and also the actual investment would certainly be in declaring the shot element of it. He thinks that the 180Cup would certainly be popular through bars, however does not uncover it worth investing in, and is out also.

Daymond claims that when he made the sell to Solomon, Solomon ignored the market, and also his feelings were hurt by the rejection. Solomon says that the deal was a small also early on and he had to treat himself appropriate since he owed it to himself, however Daymond says that he has come to be almost worthless (meaning, too a lot value) to Solomon given that all the other sharks are out. Daymond needs that an additional sell be made, and the value for him enhanced from the original $300,000 investment for a 20% stake. Solomon counters via $300,000 for 23%, however Daymond desires 30% rather. Solomon claims he cannot work out with 30% as he has too a lot invested, and Daymond retransforms via 25%. Solomon accepts the deal at $300,000 for 25%, saying that the 2% will certainly not make or break him.

Upday for 2016

180Cup Now in 2018 Update

180Cup has uncovered some success in its investment through Daymond; the webwebsite has been readjusted to reflect this. The College Ambassador regimen of 180Cup has been added to, enabling for any type of perchild in a collegiate location to come to be an ambassador as lengthy as they are able to supply 180Cup through information around some neighborhood liquor stores and bookstores in the location.

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180Cup has likewise been arisen a small even more, via commodities such as a disposable flask, a beer pong collection, and also even a glass 180Cup that looks a little different but has the very same design principle as the plastic cups with a shot glass on the bottom and also a standard drink up optimal. It is unwell-known precisely just how many type of stores 180Cup has broadened to, yet it is presumed that the number of stores selling 180Cup assets has enhanced significantly due to simply showing up on Shark Tank, a lot favor other commodities invested in by the Sharks.