This overview will assist you finish your an international Entry Interview in ~ Calexico Enrollment Center.We also have guides because that otherGlobal entry Interview Locations.

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The following available worldwide Entry interview appointment at Calexico Enrollment facility is in 11 days.

We can assist you acquire an earlier appointment!

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Apply for global Entry

The an initial step to much faster international travel is using for the worldwide Entry program and getting conditionally approved.

Click the below button if you have not yet applied. The will open up in a brand-new browser tab.Start Your global Entry Application
Schedule your Interview at Calexico Enrollment Center

Congratulations! You"ve been conditionally approved for the worldwide Entry program. The next step is scheduling one in-person interview meeting at Calexico Enrollment Center.

Click the listed below button. It will open in a brand-new browser tab.Scroll down to "CALIFORNIA"Click Calexico Enrollment CenterClick "Choose This Location". This will certainly take you come a brand-new page showing accessible interview appointment times.Schedule her Interview
Getting an previously Appointment at Calexico Enrollment Center

Sometimes Calexico Enrollment center shows "No appointments obtainable for this location" or the next available appointment could be weeks or month away. What deserve to you do?

People cancel your appointments and new interview times open up up every the time. Friend can continue to examine the net site for availability or you can let us execute it for you. We"ll send you an e-mail alert as soon as we check out an previously appointment. Every you have to do is click the attach in the email and book her appointment.

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Get an earlier Interview
Calexico Enrollment Center

1699 eastern Carr RoadCalexico, CA 92231Phone: 760-768-2300Directions: From mountain Diego take I-8 east to I-7 southern to the harbor of Entry. Exit at Carr road (International Border/Cars) then turn ideal at peak of the bridge. Revolve left at critical U.S. Exit and proceed to the defense booth. From Yuma take it I-8 West to I-7 southern to the harbor of Entry. Departure at Carr road (International Border/Cars) climate turn right at height of the bridge. Revolve left at last U.S. Exit and also proceed to the defense booth. Do not usage Goggle mapsNotes: bring proof of earnings (pay-stub, financial institution deposit, and also income tax), residency (mortgage, rental, energy bills), car registration, insurance, marital relationship certificate, birth certificate, School document or classes, and device readable entry file such as us passport, Resident extraterrestrial Card, Other foreign passport and also Visa. All entry papers need to be an equipment readable. No copies please. Notarized authorization letter come enroll auto belonging to firm or other person. If you have ever before been arrested, please bring court files verifying the disposition of the arrest (s), nevertheless of the day of the arrest and also the outcome.