Myranda: Myranda and Eric have been involved for 2 years and also considering acquiring married at the courthouse but didn’t finish up going v with it. Eric is working at Walmart happen in minimum wage because that his family. Thankfully they don’t have to pay rent. Myranda feels embarrassed the they live top top food stamps and also the WIC program. She’d like to obtain a task or go back to school but is worried about missing out on Kaylee farming up. Myranda’s relationship with Nanny is a many stronger and also Nanny even referred to as Myranda and Eric an excellent parents. Myranda comments that she is therefore proud of she Mum because that being clean and also sober and even allows her clock Kaylee. Myrands is on the Depo shot for birth control and also discusses wanting more kids simply not whenever soon.

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Sabrina: Sabrina and also Iman are no much longer together. Sabrina uncovered out he had actually cheated on her when she was pregnant. Iman likewise wasn’t help out through Audrey and also didn’t shot to uncover a job. Iman moved back to LA whilst Sabrina remained in Tennessee. Sabrina and also Iman do not gain along. That does yet call Sabrina to speak to Audrey. Sabrina lives with her friend Bruce who is exceptionally supportive the her and also Audrey. Sabrina is no working but looking because that a job. Sabrina wishes to go earlier to school. Sabrina uses condoms as birth control but was looking right into other creates of bear control. Sabrina and also her Mum aren’t really close anymore. Sabrina’s sister Rebecca is now in foster care yet they are still close and also spend time together. Sabrina is fear of her sister wanting to monitor in she footsteps and tries to display her that having actually a baby once you room 16 isn’t easy.

Sarah: Sarah and also Tinleigh still lives with Sarah’s mother Tina. Sarah functions at a restaurant together a service assistant around 20-30 hrs a week. Tina watches Tinleigh whilst sarah works. Blake relocated to southern Carolina and he and also Sarah were kind of do the efforts to work-related things out when Sarah uncovered out he remained in a relationship. Blake moved ago to Tennessee were he got an additional girlfriend and also he acquired her pregnant. Blake now has another child. Sarah and her Mum discuss that Blake never ever calls to check out Tinleigh or even ask around her and how quickly he had one more child after Tinleigh was born. Buy it wishes to change Tinleigh’s last surname to hers rather of Blake. Sarah additionally wants to adjust her number for this reason Blake deserve to have no call with one of two people herself or Tinleigh. By the moment she files papers and also finds the end a court date the timing will certainly be right around Blake’s birthday. Happy birthday Blake! Sarah says that almost no one recognises she from her episode. Sarah goes on a date. She is not on bear control however doesn’t setup on having sex. Buy it graduated earlier in 2012 and also just perfect her freshman year in college. She is studying radiology.

Lindsey: lindsey loves being a Mother. Lindsey acquired her GED and is starting college to examine Criminal Justice. Lindsey is opening up her very own Hookah Lounge referred to as Puff and Pass. Lindsay is functioning as a door girl at a club referred to as Spice home (It is a topless bar). Forrest tells lindsay that he doesn’t favor the location she works it. Lindsey and also Forrest are not together. Forrest was smoking weed (marijuana) all the time and wasn’t working. Lindsey and also Forrest co-parent although Forrest doesn’t add financially come Aniyah’s needs. Lindsey is not on birth control but uses condoms.

Hope: Ben quit one of his jobs and couldn’t find one more so hope is still functioning at 54 Street. Hope and also Ben room still together yet decided come live separately. Hope and also Tristan moved ago in through her Mum. Hope says Ben is a an excellent Dad. Ben battles finding elsewhere to live and says the will collection up a tent on a camp soil (Hope shown on Twitter that Ben live her Dad). Ben gets yes, really upset the they can’t live together and also that he can’t support his family. Hope failed few of her classes and isn’t certain what is going to take place with school. Expect isn’t on bear control because she doesn’t have actually health insurance. She claims her episode makes her feel great because her and also Ben beat the odds. Hope states he wishes that she and Ben can gain financially stable and also live together again as quickly as possible.

Devon: Devon states her and Colin were a lot various off camera. They space no longer together. Colin it s okay Landon Tuesday and Thursday and every other weekend. Colin also contributes come Landon’s needs. Devon gained her GED. Devon has actually struggled with depression and anxiety because she was 14. Devon has been in and also out that the hospital because of this in the past couple of months. Devon is now dating a guy named Eric. Devon is thankful the Eric was there for her during the hard times she has been v lately. Devon claims it isn’t easy managing depression and also motherhood due to the fact that even once she has poor days she still has to put Landon first. Devon tells world to seek assist and that is nothing to be ashamed of. Devon claims she a better Mother than she believed she would ever before be.

Jordan: Her part skipped and also wouldn’t play for this reason will shot again later.

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Kristina: Kristina has still no watched her episode. Kristina says she tries no to think about Todd since it as well painful. Kristina states Lukas would more than likely a lot various if Todd to be here. Kristina is married and also now has another son called Tommie Joseph however they speak to him Joseph. Kristina is looking for a job. She likewise has she GED. She gets about $600 a month in food stamps to carry out for her children. Kristina says Lukas has delayed in-development. Food feels different in his mouth and clothes feel different on his skin. That sees an job-related therapist double a month, very early childhood intervention worker four times a month and a speech therapist. Kristina states her youngsters won’t be teenager parents due to the fact that she will certainly be a psycho Mum and also lock them increase (she is joking). Kristina states a month back she and also TJ separated, Kristina do the mistake of see someone else whilst they to be separated. Lock fight about TJ wanting to take it Joseph and Kristina claims she doesn’t want that continue until files are filed. Lock have because gotten ago together.