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This resolve has been used for service registration through eleven companies. This are some of the names: Bluesky Innovative technologies LLC and Xanthus Holdings LLC. 3 names are associated with this address, follow to UCC filings. Here are several of the names - Snyder-doice Inc and also Bluesky Manufacturing, LLC. Procession LLC owns the property. This is the attend to of Ingratio nature LLC, follow to the records for the thoreau 15 30 01 70416 300 1502. The home was constructed in 1998. The building is 23 years old, which is five year older than the average age of a structure in Odessa of 18 years. The approximated price that the property is $1,124,476. The living area is 24,561 sqft. The dimension of the floor lot is 70,837 sqft. This deal with is #24 on the perform of city addresses by the variety of businesses registered there. This address is #33 among addresses in the city by the number of AMS cargo manifests. 24,561 sqft is the dimension of the living area. The short type of this deal with is 1515 Gunn Highwy, Odessa, FL 33556-5308. The ZIP password for this attend to is 33556 and also the postal code suffix is 5308. The latitude is 28.180857, the longitude is -82.592935. The intended price of renting a 2 bedrooms in the 33556 ZIP password is $1,520/month. The home is in Pasco County, whereby tenants pay $1,271 a month for 2 bedrooms, follow to HUD FMR data. Charter communications Inc provides the faster internet obtainable at this location.

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Client are connected using Optical Carrier/Fiber to the end User technology. It provides clients through 940 mbit/s download speed and 35 mbit/s upload speed, FCC report shows