Honoring Families" desire for almost a hundreds years

For generations, the Moloney family members has offered the human being of lengthy Island in their time the need. Because that us, funeral service is a passion. Us learned from our father"s remarkable service and commitment to families. As the premium full company provider in ours area, we sell personalized funeral, cremation and pre-need options.

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“Fair pricing without cutting corners is what Moloney family Funeral dwellings is every about. Then and also now.”

The Moloney difference

7 locations Serving long Island

We offer households the convenience the 7 locations. Lake Ronkonkoma, main Islip, Holbrook, Hauppauge, Bohemia, center Moriches, and Port Jefferson Station room all state of the art facilities offering funeral and cremation services. In ~ Moloney family Funeral Homes, us constantly effort to much better serve you and your family.

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There are several plus-sides come pre-planning. Learn exactly how a couple of minutes of your time, today, can advantage your family members tomorrow.


Your loved one deserves a service as unique and also special together they were. Explore our personalization options.


Arrange a visit with among our standard pre-planning professionals today. We"ll aid you every action of the way.

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Our neighbors know we always go the extra mile, providing alternatives they can’t discover elsewhere. We’re continually adding new, distinctive services and also team members – like Kota!Kota is the very first certified grief treatment dog in the area. He is trained come detect human emotion and put civilization at ease. Study shows pets reduce anxiety and can aid in the grief process.Kota’s presence is one more method we make a distinction for families.