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Staff in this ASC is setting the bar for any fed/state office. They are compassionate and extremely professional. They go extra mile to help us out in the often times confusing process and in these covid times.It was a seamless, quick and effective process.I saw them helping out people that forgot greencard or even a day after appointment due to some extraneous circumstance.Simply super nice and professional all around, especially the staff that is at the entrance.

I had my biometrics appointment scheduled here. My appointment was at 3pm, reached here by 2:30pm, place was pretty much empty and I was out by 2:50. Plenty of parking available, polite staff, extremely clean and all necessary Covid precautions are taken.

I had my biometrics in here, took me less than 5 minutes to do the biometrics. All the staff was helpfull and very nice. Excellent job.

Staffs are very professional and cool. This place has so many open car park.. parking is not the problem. Less crowded. We are done with our FP/bio just in 10 to 15 mins. Thats awesome.Cool thing we went their without appointment and just asked for permission to have it early as we had the plan to move different state( ahead of time and different place). I would prefer you to go with appointment.
Excellent attention, the process took me less than 15 minutes. In general, the whole staff was very nice.
Today was my appointment for photo and fingerprinting at 9am. Got there a little before 8.25 and got out at about 8.55am. The guard lady (no problem with her, she was nice and professional), front desk person and technician were very nice, professional and answered questions. The whole process was fast and easy. The place was clean, organized and comfortable with lots of parking. Very clear sign of not allowed stuff like no cellphone usage (you have to turn it off), no food liquids etc. Most impressive, the process was FAST.
I was greeted right at the entrance. The security lady (very nice) asked me what I needed to do. I received clear instructions from her about where to proceed. The lady who was calling the serials(I don"t know her name, she was speaking Spanish as well as English) was extraordinarily nice to me and other visitors. She genuinely helped me in the process, I really needed that help that day. I was amazed how she took time to explain to me the situation regarding my appointment. The line moved fast. Got in, got out quickly. Great service. Big parking lot.I do not recommend walk-in for this location. They were quite busy with many appointment holders.
I loved this place, even with covid going on! Very nice staff, extremely clean, and made me feel at ease with my anxiety! Highly recommend this ASC.
Can’t get anyone one the live assistance nor am I being helped at the build.. it’s not my fault covid-19 has delayed my case
-Very nice, clean, professional.-3 stars because there is no way to access this place by foot - neither a sidewalk nor a crossing with streetlight by the building!!I had to walk with a stroller along the road with heavy traffic plus RUN across the road to enter uscis because no car would stop there even for a baby in a stroller. Dangerous.
Great service. In and out for fingerprints in 5 minutes. If USCIS in general would run like this place, many people would be happy.
Fast and the process was smooth. I"d give 1 star particularly for the security lady. She is rude. she"s not fit for her job.
Everyone here is very friendly and professional. This is my 2nd time here , for my 10 years Green card application. It only took 10 mins to make my fingerprints done. You can park your car at the free parking lot just in front of the building, very convenient.
Stuffs are very nice. We drove there for biometric for Canadian visa. It took 45 mins to get everything done. Service was quick.
I did my fingerprints with them about 7 years ago, yet this place still looks spanking new till this day. The staff was extremely friendly, professional and efficient. Answered questions readily, guided you through each step with not a sign of complaint in the face. This government location operates nothing like the typical. Staff can understand and speak other languages. The atmosphere very welcoming and comfortable, nothing like the negativity and hatred portrayed on media lately. This place will make you proud to be American. 5 stars to them. *****
My sister-in-law had a 2 pm appt. Due to poor weather conditions wanted to get there early. She ended up arriving by 12:30 and was greeted by the sweetest lady, assisted enthusiastically by all and was on her way home by 1 pm. Wonderful staff ! Could not say enough nice things about her experience. This place is terrific !!
More car parking spaceNice serviceTook less time to finish biometrics.We had appointment at 10am and reached 1 hr before and came out 9:30 am .
Extremely professional and friendly staff right from the doorstep. Very quick service too. Thank you for making my visit pleasant and keep up the great work! ????
Every positive review is so so true. Service here is swift and I was done in less than 30 mins which included filling the forms and waiting on line down to the biometrics proper. Staff, right from the security guard, at the centre are so polite, nice and professional. Thumbs up to everyone.
I drove 3 hours to get there because on the phone the uscis confirmed that I can walk in one day earlier. They didn’t let me in and were indeed very rude, not even apologized and just said they gave you wrong information and you have to go back home and come back tomorrow (3 more hours drive). The security guard lady was very rude. She said it’s not what you want it’s what we want. I had to cancel my classes that I was supposed to teach to 100 students. I could still get my salary even if I cancel them all. It’s not for me it’s for the kids to learn. Obviously she didn’t care.
All of these other fantastic reviews are NOT fake!! This place is actually great! Quick in and out... The people were very friendly and helpful, and, for once in a government building, seemed to be liking their job!
7:30am with family. Parking was empty and free. They did allow baby food and you could carry cell phones, but switched off. Opened doors at 7:50am. Gave the forms to fill in and we returned in 10 mins. Gave a token number and got called in few minutes. Whole process got completed and we were out by 8:30am. Amazing service ???? Kudos to the friendly and cheerful staff ????????????????????????
Outstanding experience. What friendly folks. You will change your opinion about governmental agencies and their employees by visiting this facility. Staff was waiting to bring you back for biometrics. Excellent.
What can I say, BRAVO" the person I spoke with on the telephone was polite, professional, and accurate. I was inform step by step the condition that was necessary in my case.May it pleased the USCIS Application Support Center, I write this as evidence.
Don"t go there unless you have a an appointment on that day. They will not accept you as walk in and will not show any sense of understanding or reasoning for your request, let alone willingness to even communicate. I would generally never recommend this place to anyone unless it"s absolutely necessary.
The USCIS employees here provided better customer service, with a smile, than most businesses. I am impressed. Thank you.
the woman standing just in front the door as "security" is so rude, omg! and then the people who work there dont know how to pass any information, they don’t known anything!
In and out in less than 15 minutes. That"s amazing for a government office! So much better than the USCIS in NJ was!
This is true, a government office getting Five Stars rating! Other reviewers also stated their appreciation of the Philadelphia ASC and I can attest to the courteous and professional staff at this location. I was in-out in less than 15 minutes with everyone being professional and smiling in doing their work. This is so contrast to less-than-desirable experience at the Elizabeth, NJ ASC.I recommend USCIS to take note of excellent public service work that this office is doing.
Fantastic service by all the staff from the moment we entered the facility and until we came out, it was all done within 30 mins. There is ample car parking available if someone is specifically looking for that info.
Great experience at this ASC center, kind people and willing to solve the problems.All the staff members are very helpful and friendly.They deserve 5-stars !!! Thanks for the service !

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Every member of staff was incredibly kind and helpful, and was in and out quicker than I expected! Such an efficient center!